Who do I call concerning income taxes?

You can call Deneen Wray with CCA (Central Collection Agency) at (800) 223-6317, Ext. 1786 

What is the West Milton tax rate?

The tax rate is 1.5%. 

Who is required to file a West Milton tax return?

All West Milton resident taxpayers 16 years of age and older shall file an annual income tax return, regardless of income or liability. 

I am retired.  Do I have to file a tax return?

Individuals who are permanently retired and who have no income subject to taxation must file a return the first year they become permanently retired.  Subsequent filings will not be required of those retirees receiving no income subject to taxation. 

When in my West Milton tax return due?

April 15th

I live in West Milton and work in another city that withholds income tax.  Am I still required to pay West Milton’s tax?

The full 1.5% West Milton income tax must be paid, regardless of taxes paid to another city. 

I live in West Milton, but work somewhere else.  My employer does not withhold West Milton’s income tax for me.  Can I pay all of my West Milton tax when I file my yearly return?

You must file a Declaration of Estimated Taxes by April 15. You must then pay quarterly by April 15th, July 15th, September 15th, and December 15th with 90% of estimated tax liability paid by the December due date.